Invitation to Join ISSO Membership

You are invited to join ISSO if you are interested in upholding civil protection or public safety to the highest level, reducing risk and/or avoiding catastrophes in the events of unpredictable powerful earthquakes. We invite individuals from all backgrounds (e.g., geoscientists, engineers, environmentalists, emergency managers, risk analysts, planners, lawyers, doctors, sociologists, economists, strategists, teachers, etc) and private or public groups (e.g., organizations, institutes, associations, corporations, foundations, etc) having a deep interest to uphold civil protection.

ISSO has been formed because of the extraordinary urgency to promote responsible application and communication of science and engineering with integrity for civil protection or public safety before the occurrence of strong earthquakes, to minimize or even prevent death and destruction. ISSO has been convinced that recent catastrophic disasters worldwide (e.g., Indonesia, Haiti, China, Italy, New Zealand and Japan) from strong earthquakes and the associated tsunamis could have been greatly reduced or avoided by preparing beforehand for such potential large earthquakes and not for smaller probable earthquakes. The current approach for assessing seismic hazard and the associated risk for civil protection is evidently inadequate to provide such a realistic scenario and a change in the right direction as articulated by ISSO is overdue.

ISSO founders are solidly united to promote civil protection to the highest level. The tragic experience due to the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake and the herculean effort in Italy to correct mistakes and gaps in the whole process of assessing hazard and the associated risk as well as communicating it to the stake holders by the experts for the unpredictable hazardous earthquake, evidence once more the need and importance for this joint effort. We believe that the kind of tragic experience in L’Aquila could have been avoided or greatly reduced.

To be a member of ISSO, simply inform your agreement to our Position Statement with your short background (curriculum vitae) for the record to the General Secretary, Dr. Lalliana Mualchin at who will confirm your membership.